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Hello, my name is Sarah, I am a single mum living in Liverpool city centre, 28 years old. My whole life currently revolves around my son, who is genuinely the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I spend a lot of my free time watching films and documentaries, I love to cycle and when I can actually be bothered, I love to cook up a storm. I’m English- born here in Liverpool and part Italian (unfortunately I can’t speak a word of it!).

I’ve always thought of myself as standing up to racism. I fall into the category of ‘well, I’m not racist so that’s enough’ and I’m definitely guilty of having said ‘I don’t even see colour’. Both are absolute bullshit though right?! How can simply not being racist be enough? And not seeing colour?! Of course I see colour! Christ, I spent half of my life wishing I was black (I thought there skin was beautiful, envied their strength, their talent)- of course that in itself is blind and ignorant to the struggles that people of colour face every single day of their lives.

After George Floyds murder and the what I’d say, reigniting of this revolutionary #BlackLivesMatter movement, I vowed to change my attitude and do everything I could to change the attitudes of other white privileged individuals.

Privilege is something I’m now so aware of, never have I left my house and fear for my life. There’s of course the underlying issue of ‘being a woman’ but then, imagine being a black female in this world? I can’t even begin to imagine or understand.

I wanted to begin this, I guess, platform, with Alicia and Ryesha to give a voice to those who have for years been oppressed. After hearing stories from both ladies as well as other friends of colour, it really hit me how racism affects people everyday- STILL. I wanted everyone to hear their stories in a safe, encouraging and open environment where we could keep this conversation and momentum going. My thought process is, if we hear the stories of our friends and neighbours, maybe for some for the first time ever, how on earth can we continue to ignore it?

As a mother, I cannot imagine the turmoil that black parents go through when they send their children to school each day. When their child walks home, plays out with friends, in their jobs - that constant fear must be overwhelming. I find it overwhelming enough as it is the love I feel for him and how much I want to protect him, that’s helpless enough for me. To the parents raising children under these circumstances I salute you. I will never ever be able to grasp that feeling, and I never want to. If my sons dying breath was calling out for me at the mercy of a man who is mercilessly killing him for no damn good reason, I would break the world as we know it in two,

I also want to do it for myself. I want to learn more and educate myself as much as possible so that I can in turn educate others. As a mother, I want my son to grow up as an active anti racist - a term that I cannot get out of my head. A term that every white person should have engraved in their minds.

Privilege is real, but this platform isn’t to denounce white people or bash other races - that’s absolutely beside the point! It is so that we can become aware. Self awareness is absolutely key for progression in our careers, relationships and it needs to be key for progression in our personal lives and in society immediately.

I’m in no way saying I’m perfect, I’m on a journey with a lot of you, who like me, want to better our knowledge and awareness of these racial issues that are in no way isolated to one country - this is a global issue. A global issue that I cannot believe is still so pertinent in 2020. I’m excited, if that is the correct word to use here, to learn about these experiences, to raise people of colours voices and to elevate them. This excitement is because I feel the momentum of the current movement, I feel like we can keep this conversation going and I feel like soon there can be real change. That’s why I am so proud to be a part of this.

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