Hi, I'm Whitney. A young black woman from the U.K and the creator of the blog 'Outtspoken'. I created the blog for all women to have a platform to share their stories in confidence. Many of us may feel like there is so much we want to speak out about, but would rather hold back in fear because of what people might say or think. In order for change to happen in any area of life, it requires us to step out of our comfort zone.

As a proud black female, my goal is also to share positivity on many other black women. Such as who we are and the great things we can and have achieved that are not highlighted as much as they should in society today. We are making progress but let's strive to continue!

If you head to my blog which is linked in my Instagram page bio, you will find the page 'Inspirers'. This is where all the amazing females who have shared their stories are featured. Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to feature on

the blog. We all have something to share and I'm excited to hear from you all.

Click here for the Women of Colour page where you can read other stories shared by Women of Colour.

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