My name is Toyin Ayedun-Alase. I'm an actress, storyteller & facilitator. I founded Womenaftergreatness a passion project in 2014 after uni that is now a grassroots social enterprise on a mission to empower and equip Young Women in East London to conquer negative cycles and build great opportunities.

We do this through our Education Program, & Wellbeing Workshops and Career Mentoring Initiatives

and services.

1: We Mentor#Shementors

2: We Educate#Shesessions

3: We Create#Shebuilds

I am super passionate about improving the socio-economic outcomes amongst marginalised community groups with an acute focus on issues pertaining to Black and Brown women and girls.

This stemmed from my own adolescent journey as a young woman who was labeled and struggled to find her space and identity growing up- I saw first hand the challenges the and benefits if having people support & neglect me and it fed back into my desire to advocate for the voices of young women and girls who had similar experiences, but not that we sit in a place of ‘woe is me’ but rather work together to change the narrative and Thrive together.

Performing arts is also a major part of my life I’m an actress and have been navigating through the industry mostly in theatre with the aspiration to do more film and tv - I am passionate about using the art storytelling, film & media as a means to

challenge stereotypes, provoke thoughts, and celebrate culture and identity from the perspective of the black female diaspora.

Click here for the Women of Colour page where you can read other stories shared by Women of Colour.

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