Sefiyetu is a self-taught visual artist based in Virginia.

After years of being told she needs to sell her art, she launched art.sefiyetu with the intention of helping other artists sell their art with ease. During the COVID-19 shutdown, she lost her job as a casting assistant in the entertainment industry, which gave her the much-needed push to start her own business.


Her goal is to build an infrastructure that allows artists to make designs and easily turn them into framed prints, canvas prints, and merchandise to make extra income. She noticed that selling your art is difficult and it’s often hard to know where to start, so while working with other artists she strives to make this process as easy as possible. She hopes that artists will be able to reclaim the massive amount of money that is made off of their designs, by ensuring that 100% of profit goes to the artists.


She is starting by selling and marketing her own designs and hopes to launch art by another black artist she works with by mid-August. Make your home beautiful by purchasing art and home decor directly from an artist. All of the products on her site are made to order, so they may take longer to reach you than on Amazon, but it’s worth it.

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