Osaro Otobo currently works in Higher Education. Osaro was the first elected black woman president of Hull University Students’ Union (2017-19). The first female president in about 10 years and the first (and only) black president to get re-elected in that role.

Osaro experienced racism during her time as Students’ Union President. Her experience of her SU’s trustee board failing to follow through on investigating racism lead her to create the #makediversitycount campaign. It is an intersectional movement to make all UK organisations have a discrimination policy by law.

Under the Equality Act 2010, it is not a legal requirement for all workplaces and other organisations to have a policy visibly in place detailing what the procedure for reviewing reports of racism and other forms of discrimination is. Too often people complain about discrimination in the workplace, schools, and wider society, only to find that their experiences get dismissed or not sufficiently investigated. It leaves you feeling like your lived experience is not valid and you are not protected in that space.

Osaro’s campaign is on a mission to make sure diversity is better protected in the places where we work, live, and learn.

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