My name is Maja Antoine-Onikoyi, and I’m a 20-year-old student from Hertfordshire. My mother is Grenadian, and my father is from Nigeria, but growing up this didn’t really mean anything to me.

Living in a white area, being taught a white curriculum by white teachers in white schools, ‘being black’ to me was listening to American hip-hop music and talking about slavery and segregation for one month a year. I never knew the history of the countries my grandparents are from, or even how black people came to the UK. The magnitude of the Black Lives Matter movement in recent months brought back this feeling that not enough people, including myself, are educated enough on Black lives. Whether that be our history, our oppression, or the microaggressions we face daily; everyone needs to make more of an effort to become educated. So, I wanted to send out maybe 3 or 4 books to people who wanted to educate themselves but couldn’t afford to. As support exploded beyond belief, fast forward a month and I am the director of a Company that has successfully sent out close to £4000 in books. We plan to branch out into donating books to schools, community centres and more in due time but running this project has been the most fulfilling, enjoyable achievement I have ever had, and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

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