Lola Adebayo is a self-published author of Nigerian descent living in London. This single mother of two decided to self-publish her first book “She’s My Twin Sister,” a children’s picture book largely inspired by her twin daughters Amel and Amira. While working as an Art Director in Digital Marketing, Lola had a strong passion for representation and diversity in advertising and publishing. She noticed the lack of representation of little girls that look like her daughters in books sold by major publishers. The goal was to self-publish a series of books that celebrate diversity and get those books into as many little hands and homes as possible.

Her first book "She's My Twin Sister" is a story about the loving relationship of bubbly twin girls, who have different personalities and quirky traits but are the best of friends.

It's the first in a series of books that follow the adventures (Twinventures) of these amazing black girls.

The second book is set to be out this coming August; "That's My New Friend" follow the girls on their new Twinventure of starting big school and the adjustments they have to make in order to fit into this new environment.

The series is to be a fun and engaging way of teaching young children about social dynamics and how to build relationships between individual interactions and group level behaviors.

The book is inspired and co-written by her 6-year-old twin daughters and is geared towards under 5’s/Preschoolers and early readers, however people of all ages can enjoy it.

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