Do you remember? shared by Thandi Dube

Mum, remember when you were dating Dad and he got jumped by 4 white men on an evening out? Remember when the police showed up and the 4 guys said: "He attacked us". (Yeah my lone Dad jumped 4 men sure).

Remember the police beating him with a baton and arresting Dad at the scene?

Remember going to court and having to sit through a trial of absolute garbage...

Do you remember at this point not even praying for justice but praying he won't get incarcerated for being beaten up?

Remember the only reason the case was dropped was that one of the white witnesses stood up in court and said "wait a second I was there that's not what happened at all?"

Remember there was chaos in court.

Remember the relief and joy you felt when the charges were dropped?

Remember when you wanted Dad to seek compensation but he was so exhausted and mentally drained from the whole racist ordeal he was just glad it was over and just wanted it to go away?

RIP Dad.

So yes in summary... I'm sorry your statues were taken down and I'm very sorry Little Britain has been taken off the air.

It's all going too far. Now.

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