My given name is Cristina. Most people misspell my first name, so I go by Nina, as to not start our relationship with confusion. The complex with my name also bleeds into issues with my identity. My mom is Nicaraguan and my dad is white American.

My personal & racial identity has always been a source of pain and conflict starting as early as I can remember. It became clear at an early age I could not simply choose a side. I lived with the reality that in the company of one side I was always labeled “the other.”

My healing journey began 7 yrs ago after 2 decades of self-loathing sabotaged my life at every corner. What became evident was my father's wound and the feeling of unworthiness. I never chalked it to race until I started digging deeper. The root of my unworthiness began as a young child. My existence was not welcomed due to who my mother was.

While I am still healing my life purpose is clear. It is to uplift others with the message they matter merely because they exist & to be true to their heart, a tribute to my younger self.

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