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Welcome to our Book Club 

There is so much we can learn from reading and the current momentum of the #BlackLivesMatter movement has seen sales of anti-racism literature skyrocket. This is an incredible step towards the educating of our generations, meaning our future generations will have a much better chance of being brought up in a world where we are accepting, understanding and supportive of other races. That’s the goal at least. 

We want to be a part of that! One of our intentions with Let’s Talk Racism was to learn and educate together. And what better way than to read these books that teach us of black history, how to be actively anti-racist, and shine a light on the experiences of people of colour to those who will never experience such atrocities. Not only that, but we will look at focusing on novels written by people of colour and that tackle the areas of history that the British education system does not. 

On top of this, it’s important we look at books that will aid our future generations. Our co-founder, Sarah, is a mother herself and has pledged to research, purchase, and review children’s books that may help us teach our children and pupils alike. So we will share that too.

But enough of that, how do you get involved?! Well, each first Sunday of the month, starting from Sunday 7th June 2020, we will be announcing the book we will be discussing. Every 2 weeks, we will be going live on Instagram to discuss the book in more detail  so we encourage you to post your thoughts opinions and any findings so we can discuss!!  Below is a discussion box where you can write your insights into the book, your favourite quotes, what you are taking away from the book - your honest opinions! You can also contribute your opinions and findings on Instagram and Facebook. Plus you can ask questions whilst we discuss! The Instagram live discussions will be every 2 weeks on a Sunday at 12pm. 

We really want suggestions on book titles too so please feel free to share your current reads, your future reading lists, or ones you’ve read and think would make a great discussion! 

Let’s talk books...

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